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Our Services

Newest Services

The following seminars are available:

        The Paralegal’s Guide to Effective Trial Preparation, Document Assembly

         Preparing Evidence and Exhibit for Trial

         What are Ethical Issues for Paralegals Unauthorized Practice of Law

         Telephone Communications Protection Act

         Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

Coming soon

       ADA Compliance

       Federal Labors Standards Act - exempt/non exempt - what are the tests.




Legal and Attorney Support Services-
Currier Services
Data Conversion
e-Discovery - Electronic data discovery
Mobile Scanning/coping service
Notary Service - mobile




Offering Complete Legal Services throughout Northeast Florida:
  • Court Filing
  • Records Research & Copying
  • Deed Recording
  • Courier Service
  • Notary Services
  • Collection Research
  • Corporate Records Research
  • Complete Document Preparation
  • Document Retrieval / Copying
  • Large projects, small projects

  • Notarized Affidavits
  • Notary Services
  • Post Office
  • Tax & Property Records
  • Social Media
  • Court Records
  • Corporate Records


  • Document Scanning and Coding (on-site available)
  • Bates Numbering
  • Format for import into litigation support applications from client .pst and .eml files
  • CD and DVD burning & duplication
  • Creation of a searchable database for clients' electronic documents to facilitate document review
  • Rush service available
  • Converting paper files to digital is one of the fastest ways to refocus your time on billable activities.  Consider this: a solo attorney who bills $200 per hour and spends just one hour per week searching for files loses out on more than $10,000 in billable time each year! 

    Scanning & Electronic Bates Stamping.

    Loose Page Scans at .08 to .10 per page
    Bates Numbering at .03 per page.
    $20.00 minimum on all scanning & bates numbering

    Pricing Table
    Grade A: Low staple frequency (approx. every 25-50 pages). No hand placement,
    stream feeding or special handling. Basically Clean Auto Feed Originals.
    Price Range: .08 to .10 Per Copy, Plus .05 to .10 Per Staple

    Grade B: Medium / Low staple frequency (approx. every 12-25 pages). No hand
    placement or stream feeding. Some special handling. Clean originals with a
    higher staple frequency than Grade A. All Auto feed-able.
    Price Range: .11 to .15 Per Copy, Plus .05 to .10 Per Staple

    Grade C: Medium / High staple frequency (approx. every 8-12 pages). No hand
    placement. Some stream feeding, & Special handling, Mostly auto feed-able.
    Price Range: .16 to .20 Per Copy. Includes cost for stapling.

    Grade D: High staple frequency (approx. every 5-10 pages). Minimal hand
    placement, mixture of stream & auto feed originals. (Special Handling)
    Price Range: .21 to .25 Per Copy. Includes cost for stapling

    Grade E: Higher staple frequency (approx. every 2-5 pages). Hand placement,
    mostly stream feed-able originals. Labor Intensive with some auto feed.
    Price Range: .26 to .30 Per Copy. Includes cost for stapling

    Grade F: Very high staple frequency (approx. every 2-4 pages). Perhaps stapled
    groups within stapled groups. Mostly hand placed originals with little or no
    stream/auto feed. ** Example: checks, water damaged or fragile originals,
    Price Range: .31 to .45 Per Copy. Includes cost for stapling

    We can burn to CD, DVD or a Flash Drive




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